Micro Needling

Even though it has “needle” in its name, there’s no reason to be scared. Micro needling treatment is a safe and effective form of collagen induction therapy where tiny needles make small pricks in your skin to induce more collagen in the affected area. This leads to a healthy and full looking skin. It’s not just for the face, either – micro needling works wonderfully on stretch marks anywhere on the body.


Anti-Aging: Micro-needling treatment is one of the best ways to treat aging skin. It gets to the root of scars, age spots, scars, and premature skin aging. No More Wrinkles: The treatment digs deep into your skin to imbue collagen and alleviate wrinkles. Rosacea Treatment: Anyone with the rosacea skin disorder should look nowhere else in the Toronto area for high quality micro needling to treat his or her condition. Full Body Treatment: Micro needling isn’t just for your face – it can be done to treat skin all over your body. Safe and Simple: Like all of our methods at Pro Skin Clinic, micro needling is done by trained professionals and is a harmless process. Dark Spot Removal: Microneedling gently penetrates your skin to remove any dark spots and leave your skin with a smooth and consistent complexion.



Full Face and Neck $250
Body Treatment (Aach Area) $150
Hair Treatment $200