We provide the best chemical skin peels in Toronto. Using only the best products, a layer of chemical solution is applied to your skin and then peeled off. The new skin is instantly smoother and less wrinkled than before. The procedure is best utilized on the face, neck, or hands.


Anti-Aging: Skin peels instantly leave your skin more youthful and exuberant, removing age spots, acne scars, sun damage, and wrinkles. Improves Acne: A medium chemical peel can have lasting results on improving acne and preventing breakouts. Instant Results: As soon as the chemical layer is removed, you’ll instantly see and feel the difference in your skin. Safe: No harmful chemicals are used during the peeling process, and we ensure there will be no side effects or drawbacks from any of the products we use.


Lactic Peel $120
AFA-S Peel (Acne) $150
Pumpkin Peel $120
Glycotic Peel $120
Glow Peel $150