Skin Tightening

Unwanted wrinkles or saggy skin? Laser skin tightening treatment is a proven method to tighten loose skin and drastically improve skin quality. Laser skin tightening treatment penetrates deep layers of your skin to get to the root of the issue and restructure the presentation of your skin. Perfect for anti-aging and keeping your skin youthful.


Safe: Treatment is noninvasive and nonsurgical, so there’s no incisions or dangerous methods being performed. Only highly safe laser procedures done by our trained professionals. Simple and Easy: Skin-tightening sessions are simple with little discomfort. Immediate Results: You’ll notice a positive change in your skin immediately after treatment. Good for All Skin Types: Our skin tightening treatment is perfect for any skin type – whether sensitive, oily, wrinkled, aged, sun damaged, or anything else. Everyone can benefit from this process. Perfect Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery: If done by a professional at our clinic, microdermabrasion treatment is an incredibly safe and effective procedure. Many try at home which can cause damage when not handled by a trained professional.



Legs $150
Arms $150
Face $100
Stomach $100